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–Davey Crockett

You may all go to hell, I will go to Texas

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Battle Ready

Armory Outfitters USA offers you the one of the finest selections of some of the greatest blades ever constructed in the course of human history and at a savings that is almost unbelievable. All of our blades are solid one piece, full tang construction for the strongest design and battle-ready condition.

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An Axe To Grind

Whether you “have an axe to grind” or you want to “bury the hatchet” with other inferior designs, you’ll be proud to own and use any of our axes as would any throughout history whose life and livelihood depended on the axe.

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Custom Designs and More!

Fine handcrafted leather sheaths come with each blade purchased from Armory Outfitters USA and custom designs are available upon request with your logo, insignia or other design.
We also offer exquisite quality holsters, gloves, boots, jackets, and more.

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The blade is greatest tool ever devised by mankind. And since dawn of man, there began a perpetual search for the superior, ultimate blade. So influential is the blade that human history is recorded and defined by its development along with the greatest materials of its construction. From the earliest evidence of bones and antlers scraped against rocks producing a sharpened edge, to the chipping of flint and obsidian until the time of witness when earth and stone, exposed to the great fire man, birthed molten metal and a new world emerged, ruled by the generations of iron, bronze, and beyond. The blade in all its infinite conceptions and improvements is still the tool which provides for our independent existence, sustenance, and preservation of life.

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